TREND BLAST and its community reports on novel ideas, innovative products and places from around the globe.

We believe in promoting originality, celebrating creativity and design. 

TREND BLAST is an effective marketing platform for designers and artists who wish to promote their products, ideas, expressions and talents. We also like to spotlight the smaller independent retailer, including nice shops and online retailers that offers great products and need publicised to a wider audience.

We also report on cools places in cities across the world – places that are unique, quirky and totally worth sharing with our followers. This includes cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.

We rely on the TREND BLAST community to inform us of ideas, products and places that make the world more interesting.  Anyone can submit a TREND BLAST including designers, artists, business owners and global trekkers who would either like to use TREND BLAST to promote their products, art or business.

We are also building a team of TREND BLAST reporters – that is people who can act as our eyes and ears on the ground and report anything they think is cool within their city or within an area of interest to them for example fashion or art.

Send us a TREND BLAST or CONTACT US…just join us in creating a space for everything cool, creative and proud to be different!