TikTok and LunaTik Nano Watches

The story behind Minimal's TikTok and LunaTik is simply incredible and inspiring. Minimal is a Chicago-based product design company which invented an innovative multi-touch watch for use with the Apple iPod Nano.  The watch's unique design concept enables people to slot their nano into the watch, introducing the concept of multi-functional arm clocks. Great idea aside the company however had needed financial backing to make the product a reality and decided to utilise the crowd-funding site www.kickstarter.com. Their €15,000 funding target was well and truly smashed with over $596,000 raised during their time period...and counting and happened to be the largest funded project in Kickstarter history. Supporters of the product could pledge $25 to pre-order one of the products - so a great deal for them too.  With such success the company can now offer customers two versions - their standard model TikTok and their premium design LunaTik. Check out the video for more on this great story and go get yours!


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