Blimpus – Creative Inflatable Characters


The Blimpus was born out of the creative minds of designers Mike Serafin and Tony Ruth from Chicago. Used to designing for flat surfaces the duo wanted to turn their attention to round, bulbous shapes and came up with the Blimpus. Standing at two feet tall, with stubby legs and made from an ink-receptive PVC vinyl, pretty much any type of character can be created.

The guys decided to use the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter to raise finance to make these little guys and with a target of $7,500 they have successfully reached their goal, having raised $8,140 already with 11 days still to go.  

In exchange backers can receive their own Blimpus.  For $20 donors will receive a "naked" Blimpus which donors can customise themselves,  for $50 donors donors will receive their choice from 4 cool characters - Owl, Yeti, Cyclops and Ninja. For $300 backers can even have a Blimpus named after them.

What we like about the Blimpus is the wide appeal these cool little guys have, as well as the opportunity for the company to create tons of cool characters beyond the 4 they have designed already. Customers also have the option to totally customise their own too.  We can see these being used as sports mascots, characters for kids bedrooms and children's playgroups as well as a personalised gift for someone.

For more information or to get your hands on a Blimpus visit:

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