Bubble Tea Craze

KOI Cafe bubble tea cafe

Whilst there has been a consistent growth in coffee chains in the Western world, the same can be said of bubble tea chains in Asia.

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea was founded in Taiwan and essentially is sweet tea with tapioca pearls in the bottom. Similar to coffee where you have tons of choice from regular Americanos to fancy frappuccinos there are endless types of bubble tea. Customers can choose from various favours such as hazelnut and coconut, can go for 100% sweetness to 0% sweetness and can also have it without the tapioca balls if they prefer.  

One chain which is expanding quite successful in Asia is called KOI Cafe and can be found in other Asian countries such as Singapore.  Although bubble tea can be found in the US and in some places in Europe we reckon that more bubble tea cafes will be popping up. 

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