Chobani Product Launches for 2013

Chobani is the number 1 market leader in the US for its infectious yoghurts and considering the brand was only launched in 2007 this is an amazing achievement. A big part of the company's success must come down to the level of product innovation and creativity in its range of flavours. The company it seems count a lot on what customers think and examines their wish list carefully and brings to the market exactly what customers want.

We are loving their new products for 2013 including Chobani Bite, an indulgent yet guilt free snack with the coolest combos including coffee with dark chocolate chips, caramel and pineapple, fig with orange zest and raspberry and dark chocolate chips. 

We also love the Chobani Champions Tubes for kids.... no spoon required! These can also be frozen to make a great healthy lollypop.  Flavours include Chillin Cherry and Rockin' Blueberry.

The Chobani Flip are the mix-in options and although mix-ins have been around for ages some of their flavours sound heavenly including Almond Coco Loco — Coconut low-fat yogurt with dark chocolate and sliced toasted almonds and the Key Lime Crumble — Key Lime low-fat yogurt with graham crumble and white chocolate. YUM!

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