Collapsable Water Bottle


Let's face it bottled water doesn't really do the environment any favours. Considering the huge scale production and transportation eco costs of bottled water, never mind the disposal of all those empty bottles. It really doesn't make sense in countries where there is adequately good drinking water.  This is why we love the collapsable water bottle from UK-based company Aquatina, which aims to encourage more people to use tap water to help the environment. The bottle can hold 500 mls of water and can collapse to a third of it's size, so easily fits a pocket or handbag. The company has also set up, which lets people easily find a usable drinking fountain to refill their bottle on the go. Although the fountains are mainly mapped out for London the company plans to expand this across various other cities. People can buy an Aquatina bottle through various sites including for less than £5. 

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