Cool Street Advertising

With about a zillion ways for businesses to reach consumers now we are constantly bombarded by advertising. Therefore from a company's perspective the challenge is how to stand out, be memorable without being seen in an annoying kind of way by the audience. We really like the use of outdoor space for advertising messages including the high street itself which is why we decided to shine the spotlight on clean and chalk advertising.

The process of clean advertising is basically power spraying over a branded stencil on various busy high street locations where the target audience frequents. The ad can last up to 3 months and track records have proven this to be very successful. Of course it requires some form of strategic planning in terms of how the ad relates to other forms of marketing being used (the more integrated the better) but this is a pretty clever way of getting your message out there. You can either go the guerilla route (that is not gain permission from the Council) or indeed get Council approval and pay an agreed fee per street ad placed. If you go the guerilla route then be prepared to have it power-washed off though and invoiced for the pleasure!

If you want a more colourful street ad then maybe chalk advertising is for you. The using of 100% biodegradeable chalk is used to create the street ads which can last for up to 3 months and are all weather resistant. 

We love the work of London-based company Curb who have created street ad campaigns for big brands such as Lynx and Kia. Prices can start from around £2500 for 30 street ads and considering the footfall we think that price is pretty good. 

We also love the work of Art for After Hours, arts collective based in New York who have done some stunning 3D chalk advertising, also referred to as 'anamorphism'. We love this Kit Kat ad campaign which literally jumps up out of the pavement: very cool and that of UK-based artist Julian Beever with this ultra-realistic Coca Cola bottle. 

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