Food Trucks NYC

Mobile food trucks are growing in popularity in New York. A step up from the sidewalk hot dog stands the new breed of food trucks are savvy when it comes to branding and marketing.

Food trucks move around the city, stopping off at popular locations where workers in the city can pop out and grab something tasty. 

There are the sweet food trucks selling the likes of waffles, muffins and cupcakes such as Street Sweets, Wafels & Dinges and Cupcake Stop. There are also savoury food trucks such as Jiannettos Pizza, Go Burger and Bian Dang which sells Taiwanese food.

Street Sweets also offer unique marketing opportunities to companies by customising a truck with a partner's brand for promotional campaigns. Companies such as American Express, Lacoste and Lexus have utilised Street Sweets for such purposes.  Many food trucks also cater for birthdays, product launch events and other special occasions.

What we also like about the food truck story is the use of Twitter to promote where the truck is going to be at any given point, highlighting how Twitter can actively drive customers to the business.  Some bricks and mortar restaurants also have mobile food trucks such as that of Go Burger.  

We think food trucks are a great idea for anyone setting up a food business without having the expense of an actual premise and what makes these food trucks successful is the combination of good food, customer convenience and clever branding. 

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