Fun Doormats

Surfing through the various online stores there are a few stores I love because of their large range of fun home-related items which are designed to make people smile. Two stores which I discovered and particularly like are Utility and Pedlars. Their design inspired items are yes a little bit more expensive but I do believe you get what you pay for and surely a smile doesn't carry a price tag! I came across a few great doormats and if you are entertaining a load of friends at Christmas - then surely a great entrance as a talking point is not a bad thing! I love the 'I am not a doormat' from Pedlars (£26.95),Utility have a larger range with my three favourites being the Vegas inspired one (£27.50), 'Oh No! Not You Again (£25) and the very edgy (for a doormat!) tattoo one (£27.50

By: Valerie Brown

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