Lifestyle Sensors

GreenGoose wireless sensors

The ability to measure your lifestyle performance and habits may take a new form in the future thanks to new start-up company GreenGoose which lets people set lifestyle goals and automatically track performance using wireless sensor technology. The sensors come in several forms, to suit the activity you wish to track, for example sticker sensors which can be stuck to a water bottle, toothbrush or dental floss and exercise sensors which are credit card size and can easily fit in a wallet. The sensors all report back to an egg-shaped base station, which connects to an ethernet port of a wireless router and by registering your account online you can easily follow your own performance on any activity with a tracked sensor.

The company is at beta testing stage and it is too early to say how the general public will respond however if these sensors are inexpensive, easy-to-use and reliable we can see how these could be appealing to people to track their own lifestyles activities or make sure their kids clean their teeth!  We think wireless sensors may become commonplace in a few years time and go through various shapes and forms as tech continues to develop  but this is worth following.  

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