Musician Graffiti Art Walls

Paintshop studios graffiti wall art for island records

London based graffiti company Paintshop Studio has teamed up with Island Records to create some very interesting street art. The talented team will produce a new piece each month, dedicated to one of Island Records artists displayed on the walls of the Silver Bullet Bar, a popular live music venue near Finsbury Parks station in the city. Their first featured artist was PJ Harvey, where the studio's artists Dep and Tizer recreated the album cover for her critically acclaimed record 'Let England Shake.' Their latest is hip hop phenomenon Nicki Minaj, with the sassy singer portrayed in a vivid futuristic cityscape. We think this is a great example of creative collaborations between small visionary design houses and the big corporate guns, showcasing the work of graffiti artists whilst cleverly advertising the latest music offerings. 

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