NYC Urban Garden Success

NYC Urban Garden

The global economic recession has brought construction to a halt across the world and NYC is no exception. However innovation often stems from difficult circumstances and this is proving very true in Manhattan where a stalled build project has been radically transformed into a thriving urban garden. The site for the Alexandria Center for Life Science's has seen completion of Phase 1 but delay on Phase 2 of development. The owners of the Riverpark and Wichcraft Restaurants located on the completed part of the development came up with the idea to establish an urban garden on the empty space. They now grow over 100 different crops on the 15,000 square foot lot in milk crates. Customers are thrilled to be eating the freshest of produce possible and no doubt it is a much nicer picture than looking at a derelict site. They are also setting up 'farm tables' on the lot for customers who prefer al fresco dining. 

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