Patch Connecting Allotments to Food Banks

Patch allotments bristol

Patch is a unique visual system designed to connect allotments to food banks in the area, so that any leftover food can be donated by allotment holders. The concept was created by Bristol student Grace Davies who devised a system whereby allotments throughout Bristol would be given their own site logo system, which could be further broken down by specific allotment holders within the site, each having their own part of this logo system representing their own allotment. Branding the allotment in such as a way gives each holder a voice and a visual mark gives them recognition for their involvement and contribution.Patch allotments bristol

With the rising number of people relying on food banks Grace was recently awarded a Future Pioneers Award from the Design Council.The has been much encouragement for the concept from charities and community groups in Bristol and all that is needed is funding to kickstart the project fully. Patch allotments bristol

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