Do you want to wake-up to a better cup of coffee than the day before? Well the Purple Clay Coffee Press promises to do that.
Purple clay is natural clay unique to China, discovered around Taihu in Jiangsu during the Northern Song Dynasty. (1000-1200 A.D.). When fired, the purple clay assumes a fine and sandy texture that retains the temperature of the tea held inside longer than ordinary ceramics.  Founding company JIA Inc. partnered with Gearlab from Taiwan to create a one-of-a-kind coffee pot that makes use of Purple clay’s unique material qualities. The unglazed sandy texture of natural purple clay is reminiscent of the warmth of the earth. After extended use, the purple clay coffee pot takes on the fragrance of your preferred coffee blend and the warmth of your hands.
Parts of this set include Coffee Press, Coffee pot, cups and sugar and cream containers. Cups offered with 3 styles: Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. The Espresso and Cappuccino cups come with a bamboo saucer. The saucers are designed to be stacked with cups for storage.

Can be bought on Amazon: Cost: $114.95 for the set  Click to splurge now >

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