7 Festival Pee Aids For Girls

With festival season in full swing we felt it necessary to put together a list of some useful pee aids, since the toilet situation is definitely the most dreaded aspect of the whole camping experience, for girls anyway. There are different products available depending on preference really. If you want to bring your own personal toilet and have space, then you could consider the Deluxe Festival Toilet from Filthy Fox or their cheaper alternative, the folding festival toilet. We prefer however the Bog in a Bag which is lightweight, comes in a handy carrier bag and doubles as a stool. If you want to pee on the go then you might want to try the portable urinals such as Travel John, Shewee or Whiz Freedom.   Shewee also offer a complete kit which includes an extension pipe, which attaches to the urinal and a discrete case. Shewee have even brought out lady's X-fronts which make it even easier to use the Shewee. 

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