Art & Design

Melting disco balls


Netherland's based arts collective Rotganzen are behind these imaginative melting disco balls, reflecting the party is over and shapes inspired by the human sagging belly. Totally original and we think great feature pieces for a club or anywhere wishing to create a surreal experience.

Art Coffins


What a morbid but truly interesting idea from Seattle-based design firm Electric Coffin Supply Co. They work with a variety of artists to develop art coffins. A few years ago they decided to take the idea on tour, aptly named 'Boxes of Death' which showcases these miniature art coffins in various places in the USA. The success of the annual show has seen the tour increase the number of participating artists and fan base.

Photography: Hunter Hess

Heart public art times square

Public art installations are always a great platform for marketing and putting a message across. We loved the idea from architect firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and fabrication studio, Flat Cut, who created this huge LED Heart Scuplture around Valentine's Day past and planted right in the middle of Times Square. The sculpture which included almost 500 LED-lit tubes responded to touch of a nearby sensor by passer-bys. The more people who touched the sensor the brighter the heart glowed. The Times Square Alliance also donated money to the Hope & Heroes Children's Cancer Fund too when people uploaded pics of the heart to Facebook. A good talking point and an original way of generating funds for charity too. 

Food Tattoos

Yes tattoos can look good if the artwork is good, perhaps not questioning the artwork here but the subject. The girl's burger tattoo is certainly different and cupcake feet...why not I guess!  Put a smile on your face today. 


Carli Davidson is a very talented pet photographer. She thinks outside of the box when it comes to snapping our furry friends with hilarious scenarios played out in front of the camera.  Her  'Shake' collection featured dogs shaking off water, captured at high speed. Visit her website though for even more great pics! 


Ad agency Access has taken advantage of the seasons to develop a unique marketing opportunity for the Mini Cooper with their concept for life-sized inflatable versions of the car, as swimming accessories.  



LA based artist Mike Stilkey has found an innovative use of old books.  Painting their spines using pen, ink and acrylic he has created some pretty cool pieces that form eye-catching visuals for any room. 

Desktop Dumpsters


Steelplant, established by Ryan Christensen sells totally unique miniature dumpsters which can be used as desktop holders or indeed provide a home for plants. Customers can either buy blank dumpsters which they can customise themselves if they are artistic themselves or they can buy limited edition graffiti dumpsters created by the owner. The dumpsters are also a great example of reusing and upcycling materials. The main body of the dumpster is made from 25-35% recycled steel and the lid is made from a wood/plastic composite made from plastic bags and sawdust. 

Lipstick Artist


Natalie Irish applies a very unique technique to create this portrait of legend Marilyn Monroe. Using only her lipstick-stained lips she kisses the canvas thousands of times until she arrives at the desired result.